рус Психологические и поведенческие факторы, связанные с нарушениями или болезнями, классифицированными в других рубриках
eng Psychological and behavioural factors associated with disorders or diseases classified elsewhere. This category should be used to record the presence of psychological or behavioural influences thought to have played a major part in the etiology of physical disorders which can be classified to other chapters. Any resulting mental disturbances are usually mild, and often prolonged (such as worry, emotional conflict, apprehension) and do not of themselves justify the use of any of the categories in this chapter. Psychological factors affecting physical conditions. Examples of the use of this category are: asthma F54 and J45.- , dermatitis F54 and L23-L25, gastric ulcer F54 and K25.-, mucous colitis F54 and K58.-, ulcerative colitis F54 and K51.-, urticaria F54 and L50.-. Use additional code, if desired, to identify the associated physical disorder. (Excludes: ) tension-type headache ( G44.2 )

Classification of Diseases (English-Russian). 2013.

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